How to Change the Pay Ending day on a TP100/200 Clocking in Machine

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The default Pay Ending day is set to Sunday, meaning that the first day of a pay period is Monday. Even if your pay period runs from Monday to Friday, Sunday would still be the Pay ending day in this case. If you need to change your Pay Ending day then follow this procedure.

To access the machine settings a key is required (marked 134). You will have received a key when the machine was purchased with the user manual. If the key cannot be located then please call our sales team on 0113 258 7856, or use the link;

  • Firstly, using the key (marked 134) remove the lid.

  •  ‘P1’ should be displayed on the screen as shown below

  • Next press the ‘OVERTIME IN' button. To check that the machine is currently set to a weekly Pay Period the display should show the following: 04 01 02 

  • After this press the 'OVERTIME IN' button. The display should show something like below. The large digits '3101' (or any other 4 digits) refer to a monthly Pay Period and so are irrelevant for our purposes. 

  • Press the 'OVERTIME OUT' button twice to get the SUN flashing.
  • Use the + button to change the day to the correct Pay Ending day.

Just remember that your pay ending day is the day before the first day of your week; the day at the top of the card. The table below should help.

First day of working week / Day at top of cardPay Ending Day
  • Once you have set the correct Pay Ending Day, press the 'OVERTIME OUT' button again to get a blank screen. It is important that you get a blank screen to confirm the setting.
  • Place the lid back on and lock the machine

The time should be displayed on the LCD.

Your Pay Ending should now be correct and can be checked by clocking a card.

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