Changing the Ink Ribbon Cartridge on a TP100/200

Created by Dave McMaster, Modified on Fri, 13 Oct, 2023 at 11:50 AM by Dave McMaster

The process to change ink ribbon on a TP100 or TP200 is quite straight forward, but the following should help clarify how to do it as some can find it fiddly.

  • Firstly, using the key (marked 134) remove the lid.
  • Once the lid has been removed you should be able to see the old ribbon cartridge inside as shown below.
  • Grab the ribbon cartridge as shown and pull up and out of the machine (a sharp tug is required to release). Tip: take note how the cassette is located, this will help when inserting the new one.

  • Once the old cartridge has been removed you can insert the new one, which is basically a reversal of the removal process.
  • Looking at the ribbon base as shown below it is worth noting where the ribbon cartridge locator lugs will sit.

  • Grab the new ribbon cartridge and hold it just above ribbon base ensuring that the locator lugs are lined up with the slots in the ribbon base

  • Before pressing the cartridge fully home take a moment to check where the black and red ribbon is located. As shown below it should be between the Ribbon Mask and the Print head (for clarification the mechanism shown has been removed from the machine).

  • Here is a view below of inside the machine. Tip: If the ribbon becomes loose use the knob shown to tighten in the direction of the arrow.

  • Once you are happy with the position you can press the ribbon cartridge down firmly. You should hear a click when it is located properly.
  • You can now place the lid back on (ensure you locate the front lugs) and lock the machine.
  • Test a card to check if the print is okay.

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