Stopping Continuous Bell Ringing on a TP200 Clocking in Machine

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In certain circumstances the bell or siren will ring continuously when connected to a TP200D clocking in machine. The reason for this lies with the use of a device called a snubber. The snubber is useful in some applications where there is the need to reduce arcing across relay contacts by applying a continuous voltage to the device. The down side is that not all bells and siren will work with this set up.

The sirens sold by Clocking Systems work out of the box and are completely compatible with the TP200 machine. So if you do not wish to carry out the following procedure then purchasing our siren could be a simpler solution. Use the following link to check out that option:

IMPORTANT: While the following procedure details the step by step process, this should only be carried out by someone competent, who has the skills and confidence to carry the procedure safely and Clocking Systems take no responsibility or liability for any damage to equipment by failing to follow these steps correctly.

If the bell or siren is connected to the clock and is being powered at all times then follow the following procedure to solve the problem;

First turn off the power supply and remove the machine from the wall by lifting it up off the three screws holding it as required.

Next, remove the lid using the key (marked 134)

After this remove the two screws inside the machine as highlighted below.


Turn the machine around and remove the two screws from the back as highlighted below.


When the screws are out carefully remove the back cover.

Be careful not to touch the switch highlighted below as this could reset the machine to factory defaults. All programs including bell times would then have to be re-programmed.


Next, using pliers or suitable tool, remove the component highlighted below in the bottom left corner. To be clear this is this is the lower and smaller of the two black rectangular components. 


When this component has been removed the cover can be put back and secured using the 4 screws removed earlier.

Finally, place the lid back and lock in place.

When these steps have been completed then the bell or siren will not sound unless programmed to do so.

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