Wiring the TP200 Clocking in Machine for Relay Output Only

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In certain circumstances it may not be desirable to connect a bell or siren directly powered by the TP200 clock. Reasons for this include: 

a) The bell or siren is not sold or recommended by Clocking Systems

b) The bell or siren is not 230v ac input 

c) A long distance from the clock to the bell or multiple bells is required to be set up. 

The clock will be set up to directly power a siren when bought but can be modified to make use of the relay or dry contact facility. If this is the option you wish to proceed then please follow the instructions below to modify the set up but be aware that an external power supply will be required for the bell or siren.

IMPORTANT: While the following procedure details the step by step process, this should only be carried out by someone competent, who has the skills and confidence to carry the procedure safely and Clocking Systems take no responsibility or liability for any damage to equipment by failing to follow these steps correctly.

1) Turn off the power supply and remove the machine from the wall as required. 

2) Remove the lid using the key. 

3) Remove the two screws inside the machine as highlighted below.

4) Turn the machine over and loosen the two screws from the back as highlighted below.

5) Carefully remove the front cover and rotate it over to the left as shown below. Try not to disconnect the ribbon cable or red and white cable. If one or both become disconnected please remember to reconnect prior to reassembly. 

6) Remove the 4 wires highlighted from the terminal block and also snip the earth wire (or unscrew and remove the red spade connector but please remember to re-tighten this screw as it holds another component in place). 

7) Snip the cable ties holding the white cable around either side of the metal chassis so that it can now be removed from the machine completely. The other two red wires can be snipped or tied back neatly or removed completely as stated later in step 10. 

8) Replace the front cover and tighten all screws (remember to check the cables are still attached as in step 5). 

9) Turn the machine over and locate the small hatch (bottom left) as shown below. 

10) Remove the small hatch, unscrew and take out the two red wires from the relay. These can be removed completely or snipped or tied back. These two contacts will provide the live feed and return for the alternative wiring circuit (shown below).

On completion of these steps the machine is now ready for wiring to provide a relay switch or dry contact to an externally powered bell or siren. Please use the wiring diagram below as a guide for your own set up. It should be noted that mains power is used only as an example. The actual power supply will be dependant on the requirements of the bell or siren. 

Please note If additional external relay(s) are to be included in your wiring then be aware that there is a snubber across the relay contacts of the internal relay. This snubber allows some current to pass through the internal relay and may activate the external relay(s). If this does occur then please follow the procedure for solving continuous bell issue TP200 at the following link: https://support.clockingsystems.co.uk/a/solutions/articles/103000136689?portalId=103000061949

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