Setting or Correcting the Daylight Saving Time on a TP100/200 Clocking In Machine

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IntroductionThe most common reason to adjust the Daylight Saving Setting on your CS30 Clocking in Machine will be when the clocks change in either Spring (forward one hour on last Sunday of March at 1am) or Autumn (back one hour on last Sunday of October at 2am) and your machine either hasn't changed or has changed, but at the wrong time or date. So the first thing you may have to do is to set the time correctly. If the time is correct then move onto the next section; Setting the Daylight Saving. 

Setting the Time

To access the machine settings a key is required (marked 134). You will have received a key when the machine was purchased with the user manual. If the key cannot be located then please call our sales team on 0113 258 7856. or use the link;

  • Firstly, using the key (marked 134) remove the lid.


  •  ‘P1’ should be displayed on the screen as shown below

  • Next press the ‘Morning OUT’ button.

  • After this use the + button and if necessary to adjust the first flashing digit to ‘24’ for setting to 24 hour format, or set on ‘12’ if AM/PM is preferred. Press the ‘Overtime OUT’ button when correct.
  • Using the + or - buttons adjust the hour using the 24 hour clock format, i.e. 15 for 3pm and then press the ‘Overtime OUT’ button.
  • Next set the correct minute using + or - buttons and then press the ‘Overtime OUT’ button. N.B. If the exact time to the second is required then set this digit to the next minute and press the ‘Overtime OUT’ button on the second the minute changes.
  • Once the last setting has been confirmed the screen will go blank. (If a blank screen is not achieved then the settings will not be saved correctly)

Setting the Daylight Saving Time

  • With the lid still removed, Press the 'Afternoon OUT' button.
  • If the digit on the screen shows 01 then advance to 02 using the + button. Once 02 is shown press the ‘Overtime OUT’ button. This screen is to adjust the Spring setting for the DST.
  • Set the small digit flashing on the left to the current year (so for example '24' for the year 2024) using the + or - button.
  • Press the Overtime OUT’ button to get the middle digit to flash.
  • Set the middle digit to 03 (for the month March) using the + or - button and then press 'Overtime OUT’.

  • The right digit should now begin to flash. The setting of this digit will depend on what the current year is (for example 31 for the year 2024). Note this will change each year, below is a chart of some examples to help.

YearSpring SettingAutumn Setting
202403  3110  27
202503  3010  26
202603  2910  25
202703  2810  31
202803  2610  29
202903  2510  28
203003  3110  27

  • Once the correct date has been chosen press 'Overtime OUT’. The display will move to the Autumn DST setting.
  • Again set the small digit flashing on the left to the current year (so for example '24' for the year 2024) using the + or - button.
  • Press 'Overtime OUT’ to move to the middle digit flashing.
  • Use the - button to adjust this digit to 10 (for the month October) and press 'Overtime OUT’.
  • The digit on the right will flash. This is the date for the Autumn clock change, so again refer to the table above to set this using the - button (so for example '27' for the year 2024).
  • Press 'Overtime OUT’ to get a blank screen.
  • Lastly place the lid back on and lock up. The time should appear on the screen. If the time does not appear on the screen then check that the lid has been placed on properly as it can be easy to mislocate the front lugs causing a gap below the front lid section.

The correct time should be displayed and the DST settings should be correct now. 

Note: Unless the machine has a factory reset or the settings are adjusted manually once the DST settings are set correctly for the current year, they will continue to adjust automatically for all years going forward. Please be aware that for some very old machines the DST may be set to adjust for the 4th Sunday of month rather than the last Sunday. In this case it would be worth checking this DST setting on your machine prior to the clocks changing and adjusting as necessary.

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