How to update firmware on VF200 for USB Exporting

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This article will explain the process for updating the firmware on a VF200 to allow USB collections, and also how to do the USB collection itself.


Getting the Firmware ready

Once you have the firmware file, you will need to put it on a USB drive. To do this, plug the USB drive into your computer, in the USB drive create a folder named 'update', then drop the firmware file into the update folder. This is now ready to be inserted into your VF200.

Updating the Firmware

Once your USB drive is ready with the firmware, you will need to insert it into the terminal, with the port being located on the left. Then you will need to open the menu and log in as admin (default user and password is 7856). On the bottom left is 'USB Management', select that then at the bottom select 'update firmware'. Select 'Local Upgrade' and then the update will start. Note that the USB cannot be removed during the update, and doing so could permanently damage your terminal. Once the update has finished you can remove the USB drive and it is ready to go.

Collecting Via USB

After you have updated your firmware, your terminal will now be ready for collecting via USB. To do this, insert the USB drive you wish to use, then login as admin like in the previous step. Select USB Management in the bottom left corner, then export management, then export record, then you want to select 'export record info'. This is important to select as its this option that will output into the .TXT file that your software needs to read in clocking data. If you accidentally select the other option, you will still have access to all the clockings as they don't delete, so you can select the correct setting and try again.

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