VF200 Terminal Admin Modify or Delete

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In order to modify or delete an Administrator on the VF200 terminal you will need to be logged in as Admin on the terminal using an Admin password. N.B. logging in with your face as Admin will not allow you to make changes to Admin settings.

Modify or Delete Admin using a Password

There is already an Admin Supervisor set up on the clock with a default password. Hopefully you have kept this password as a backup. Otherwise use your own Admin password.

1. Avoiding capturing your face by the terminal, tap the screen if it is asleep and then in the bottom right corner tap ≡

2. Next tap on 'Admin' and the 'Admin login' box will appear.

3. At the bottom of this box tap the option 'Switch Method'

4. On the 'Input Password' screen please enter your Admin password and tap OK.

5. After this tap' Admin Setting'.

6. Followed by 'Enrol Admin'.

7. Next tap the number of the Admin you wish to modify or delete.

8. Tap 'Modify Password' or Delete Admin'.

8. Follow the onscreen prompts ensuring you enter the same Admin password as you logged in with.

9. Tap the back button 4 times to return to the home screen.

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