Booking A Holiday BioTime/TotalTime

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In this document we will cover how to add holiday bookings to the holiday planner, showing step by step and explaining other options when setting holidays up.


Step 1: Go to holiday planner

Once you log into your BioTime/TotalTime application, navigate along the top bar to the holiday planner as visualised below.

Step 2: Select start date of the holiday for that employee

Once in the holiday planner, navigate to the employee you want to book the holiday and right click on the start date. Once this is done, select the 'Add Booking' and it will take you to the booking configuration page.

Step 3: Set holiday dates and type

Once in the holiday setup you may have multiple choices based on how you've set up your software. In this instance we have absences for bookable paid holidays, and bank holidays. If your business pays a set rate by the day you want to select 'Book in days', alternatively if your employees accumulate holiday hours based on time worked, then you can select book in hours.

Then on the left you will have your set up absence codes. These are what tell the system the type of absence it is, and whether its paid or not. For this we will select 'Paid Holiday' and press next once all the information is filled in.

Once all the details have been filled out and you've selected 'Next' you will see and authorisation window. This is where you confirm or deny the booking. If you see you've made a mistake you can unbook the absence, but if all the details are correct you can go ahead and 'Book Absence' and that will put that in the system.

From there you will go back into the holiday planner and see the colour of your absence code. If it is not showing up, sometimes the software doesn't update immediately after finishing the booking, to fix this just back out of the holiday planner and go back in and the booking will show up for you.

Do note that when you make a booking  between a time period, the software knows what shift patter people are set up for. So if you make a week booking for someone that only works 3 days it will only have a colour in the typical days that they work.

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