Viewing and Ammending Clockings in BioTime & TotalTime

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Within BioTime and TotalTime, you can conveniently access and manage employee times using the View and Amend tab. This intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly edit or remove clocking data as needed.

In this documentation, we will guide you step-by-step on how to effectively utilize these powerful features.


Opening View/Amend Period data

To access the View/Amend Period data, simply click on the icon resembling a pen and paper, conveniently located on the top toolbar.

Upon entering the View/Amend page, you will be greeted with a comprehensive display showcasing your employees' time sheets, conveniently accessible in this section.

Amending times and clockings 

To make adjustments to the clocking times, simply navigate to the 'Actual Clockings' tab, which can be found under the 'Select Version of Clockings' section. Within this page, you can modify the time entries by clicking on the corresponding box in the table. Once a time has been amended, it will be visually highlighted with a distinctive yellow dot, signaling that the clocking has been manually adjusted.

To ensure that the manually amended time is accurately reflected in the reports, you can effortlessly trigger the recalculation process by clicking on either the calculator icon or the world icon for bulk calculation. This will seamlessly update the reports to incorporate the modified time entries.

The calculator button recalculates the current week for the current Employee in view, the Globe button allows you enter a date such as 1/05/2023. This will calculate all data from the specified date up until todays date for all employees and is useful for when you modify shift settings.

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