Setting the Daylight Saving Time Setting on a CS30 Clocking In Machine

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The most common reason to adjust the Daylight Saving Setting on your CS30 Clocking in Machine will be when the clocks change in either Spring (forward one hour on last Sunday of March at 1am) or Autumn (back one hour on last Sunday of October at 2am) and your machine either hasn't changed or has changed, but at the wrong time or date.

So the first thing you may have to do is to set the time correctly. If the time is correct then move onto the next section; Setting the Daylight Saving.

Setting the Time

To adjust the time correctly just follow these instructions:

1, Remove the lid with the key.

2, Slide the set switch located under the button panel (shown below) from left to right. 

3, The display will show the current year. Looking at the button panel you will see a secondary function for each of the buttons. Press the Mode button (Overtime OUT). 

4, The small digit in the bottom left of the screen (above date) will begin to flash. This now relates to the program number (not the date) as we are now in program mode. Press the + (Morning IN) button until the display shows the program number 03 as shown below.

5, Press the Enter (Afternoon IN) button and the hour will begin flashing.

6, Adjust the hour if necessary with the + or – buttons and then press the Enter button and the minutes will flash. 

7, Adjust the minutes with the + or – buttons and then press Enter (the display will move to program 04).

Setting the Daylight Saving Time

8, Press the Mode button (Overtime OUT) so the program number 04 begins to flash.

9, Press the + button (Morning IN) until the digit reaches '06'. This will adjust the Spring setting.

The example below is for Spring 2024 when the clocks change on the 31st of March.

10, Press the 'Enter' button (Afternoon In) and the large digit on the left will flash.

11, Press the + button to advance this digit to 03 (for the month March).

12, Press the 'Enter' button and the large right digit will flash.

13, Press the - button' (Morning Out) until the digit reaches the correct date for the clock change (for example 31 for the year 2024). Note this will change each year, below is a chart of some examples to help.

YearSpring SettingAutumn Setting
202403  3110  27
202503  3010  26
202603  2910  25
202703  2810  31
202803  2610  29
202903  2510  28
203003  3110  27

14, Once the correct date has been set press the 'Enter' button.

15, The small digit will move to program 07 for the time of the clock change.

16, This needs to be set to 01:00 for 1am. So adjust this if necessary using the 'Enter' + and - buttons as required.

17, Press 'Enter' to move onto program 08.

18, Set the Autumn DST setting in a similar way to to the Spring setting. So for 2024 set to 10 27.

19, Press 'Enter' to move onto program 09.

20, Ensure that this is set to 2am so set to 02:00.

21, Press Enter.

22, Slide the Set switch back to the left. 

23, Replace the lid and lock.

24, The correct time should be displayed and the DST settings should be correct now.

Note: Unless the machine has a factory reset or the settings are adjusted manually once the DST settings are set correctly for the current year, they will continue to adjust automatically for all years going forward.

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