E40 Error Message on a TP400 Calculating Time Recorder

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Sometimes, when trying to make a change to a program setting on a TP400 the operation will fail and the error message E40 will be displayed. The reason for this is that some changes cannot be carried out which will affect the calculations within a pay period. If there is as little as one card clocked then the change will not be possible and the error message E40 will be displayed.

Checking if Cards are Clocked

  • To check if any cards are clocked in firstly remove the lid with the key. The display will show the time with the hour flashing.
  • Each of the 4 buttons will now have access to the program features. Looking just above the buttons will show these as Function, +, - and Enter as shown below. 


  • Press the Function & - buttons together, as highlighted below

  • If the display shows dcn – 00 then the machine has no cards clocked and you may proceed to make the changes to the program.
  • If the display shows a number higher than 00 then there are cards clocked in the machine and these will have to be erased to make the changes. Please note that there is a limited time of a few seconds to press buttons while carrying out this procedure. If there is too long a delay between pressing buttons then the machine will 'time out' and return to the previous display. If this happens then simply repeat the operation again. 

Deleting the Clock Cards

  • So if you need to delete the cards then press the Function & - buttons together again.
  • Press (don't hold) the + button on it’s own and then the button on it’s own. 
  • The display should show dcn – ALL as shown below.

  • Press Enter
  • The display should return to the previous screen. All cards have now been deleted from the machine. Any changes to the programming can now be carried out without receiving an error message.

If you are struggling with any part of this procedure or have any technical questions about your machine please call us on 0113 258 7856 and speak to one of our support engineers.

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