Step 2 - Installing TotalTime+ Software and Components

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Introduction to the software components

The software comes with 3 components:

  • TotalTime+
  • CS Comms Service
  • InTime Reports

TotalTime+ is the main software, this is what you will be using to read clockings, view employees and configure any rules you may have at your work place.

CS Comms Service is a separate piece of software, this will run in the background and communicate with the Clocking machine over the network. This allows your computer to periodically check the date and time on the device is correct, collect any clockings from the clocking machine for you, and also allow you to register cards on the Clocking Machine.

InTime Reports is an application which is there mainly for you to be able to run reports against the data in your TotalTimePlus Database. This software uses Crystal Reports and ODBC to connect to and query the database.

It can then turn that data into an easy to consume format.


Downloading the software

The instructions below will mainly be aimed at users using a Chrome based web browser, such as Google Chrome, Edge, Opera GX. Other browsers may differ but the instructions will be similar.

You can download the software from this location:

The link above should start a download immediately of the TotalTime software.

You should see the download either at the bottom or the top of your Web Browser, in our case the download is shown at the top.

Click the Open File button, or alternatively click on the file downloaded.

A folder should open that looks like the following:

Double click the TotalTimeInstaller program that is highlighted and a dialogue should open similar to below:

Click the Extract all button as shown above, another dialogue will open:

This will extract all of the files into a new directory, the software is now downloaded and ready to install.

Installing the software

To install the software you will need to double click the 'TotalTimeInstaller' application, this should be in the folder you have open from the previous step. This will launch the application shown below:

Click the Install TotalTime button and follow the instructions below:

TotalTime+ Installation

  • Click Next
  • Click Next
  • Read The Terms and click I accept if you agree to the Terms in License Agreement
  • Click Next
  • Ensure 'Anyone who uses this computer' is checked.
  • Click Next
  • This screen will say 'Install TotalTimePlus to:' make note of the Path, for example in my case it is C:\TotalTimePlus\
  • Click Next
  • Click Install
  • Wait for TotalTime+ to install
  • Once finished, click the Finish button

TotalTime+ is now installed, the TotalTime Installer will also report that Install TotalTime is complete.
However, you will see that TotalTime+ has started to install InTime Reports, do not close InTime Reports installer and continue with the instructions below:

InTime Reports

  • Click Next
  • Click Everyone
  • Click Next
  • Click Next
  • Wait for the installation to finish and click Close

InTime Reports is now installed, if you are planning to just use USB you can skip to the next article!

Install CS Comms (network clock only)

Click the Install CS Comms button, this will launch a new installer that installs the CS Comms for you.

  • Ensure 'create a desktop shortcut' is enabled for easy access
  • Click Next
  • Click Install
  • When the installation has finished click Finish

Configure CS Comms (network clock only)

Clocking Systems Comms Configuration Tool should now be open after installing it using the instructions above.
If it is not open, you can open it by clicking the icon on your desktop labelled 'Clocking Systems Comms Software'. Alternatively click the  Windows Start button at the bottom left of your PC Screen and typing in 'Clocking Systems' you should see a program labelled 'Clocking Systems Comms Software' Click this to open the configuration tool.

You should be able to see a screen like the one pictured below:

Adding a Terminal

To add a terminal, you will need the Clocking Machines' IP address. You should have noted this earlier. Once you have the Clocking Machines' IP Address follow these instructions:

  • Click the Add Terminal Button highlighted above
  • Enter the Terminal Name, this should be descriptive if you have multiple terminals
  • Enter the Clocking Systems' IP Address into the Terminal IP box
  • On the Terminal CSV Path you will need to remember where TotalTime+ was installed earlier and do the following:
    • Click the Select Folder button
    • Click on this PC
    • You will see a list of drives, if your TotalTime+ was installed to C:/TotalTimePlus/ click the drive labelled '(C:)' at the end, and if it was D:/TotalTimePlus/ click the drive labelled '(D:)' at the end
    • Find the TotalTimePlus folder and click it
    • Click the Data Folder
    • Click the 'Make New Folder' button
    • Type in the name that was the same as the Terminal name you entered earlier, alternatively type Terminal1 and press Enter
    • Make sure the newly created folder is highlighted / selected and click OK.
    • Change the Terminal Type to 'Anviz Swipe Card'
    • Click Add Terminal
  • The new terminal should now appear in the list.

TotalTime+ Is Now Installed

TotalTime+ is now installed and you are ready to move onto the next section. If you need any assistance you can open a ticket at, alternatively call 0113 258 7856 to book in a full install and training session.

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