Step 3 - Initial Setup of BioTime+

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This part of the guide will show you how to setup the software for initial use.


Opening BioTime+

You should see an Icon on the Desktop that looks like the image below:

Double click it and the login screen will load. The default username is 1ttadmin and the password is concorde123.

Initialising Database

On first logging into the system the following message will appear on screen:  

In order to use the BioTime+ system you need to initialise the database with your company details, the initialisation file is contained on the USB memory stick which came in the box with the Clocking Machine. Insert this USB stick into your PC and follow the instructions below:

  • Click OK to the Message Box that has appeared.
  • A File Browser will open, find the USB Stick on the left hand side and click it, alternatively click This PC and then double click the USB Stick.
  • You should see a file labelled '1TT_UDD' or '1TT_UDD.mdb', Double click this.

Once the above is finished, the database will then be initialised.

Registering Software

Once the database has been initialised you need to register your copy of BioTime+ From the top tool bar click on the registration icon (the last icon on the right): 

A new window will launch as pictured below:

Tick the box marked ‘This PC has access to the World Wide Web – register directly’. Then click the button marked ‘Upgrade to FULL version’.  

The BioTime+ registration site will load, if you don't see the page below, click the 'InTime' button on the site that has loaded.

Then follow the steps below:

  • Select the option marked ‘I have NOT previously registered on this site with my email address’ and click Proceed.
  • Enter the require details. In the InTime Supplier Code Box, Please enter 1002.
  • Click the Enter button on screen.
  • A new screen will load, Set the software to BioTime+.
  • In the version number box type 7.
  • In the Key box enter the 'Registration Key' this is shown in the top left of the window you are using. (You can double click the key to select it all, then press Ctrl+C to copy it. And then use Ctrl+V to paste it into the box to speed things up)
  • Click Produce Password.
  • A registration password will be shown on screen. Enter this password in the top right of the Window you are currently using, underneath the red text.
  • Click the 'Enter' button underneath the Registration Password text box.

Adding a Department and Company

Before you add an employee you must have a Department and Company to assign them to.

To setup a Department and Company, hover over the maintenance menu icon on the main screen and click 'Departments & Companies' as picture below:

The Department setup screen will load as pictured below:

Then follow the steps below:

  • Change the Department Number to '1', each time you add a Department you must select a number that is not in use.
  • In the 'Department Name' Field enter a name for the department.
  • Click the save icon, this is shown in the top left with the icon of a Floppy Disk next to the door.
  • Repeat this process for each Department you wish to add.
  • Once you've added all the departments required click the 'Companies' tab.
  • Similar to the Department Setup, in the section marked 'Add or Amend a Company' Select a Company Number that isn't currently in use.
  • Enter a Company Name.
  • Click the Save Icon in the top left.
  • Repeat this process for each Company Required.

Once you are finished on this screen, click the Door Icon in the top left to go back to the main screen.

Adding an Employee to the Software

From the main screen of the software click the Employee File icon (third icon from the left on the top tool bar):  

The Employee file will load. Click the Add Employee button (the second icon from the left on the top tool bar):

Follow the Steps Below:

  • Enter the Employee's Name and click OK or Press Enter on your keyboard
  • You will then be asked for the Employees Number, enter a number but please note this must be the same number that they use on the Face Reader.
  • Click OK or Press Enter on your keyboard.

The new employee will be automatically assigned to an Open all A Week Setup. This will calculate the employee’s hours but will not generate any warnings regarding late arrival or early departure, it will also not calculate any overtime.

BioTime+ Is Now Configured

BioTime+ is now configured and you are ready to move onto the next section. If you need any assistance you can open a ticket at, alternatively call 0113 258 7856 to book in a full install and training session.

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