Adding/Modifying/Removing users on CS100

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This documentation will help you in Adding a user on a CS100 terminal.


Logging On To The terminal

To log on to the clocking terminal, press menu, then input 7856 for both the ID and Password to access the menus of the clock.

Once you are in the Menu, you will need to go to option 2 for User Management, and then you will be given 4 options.

Adding a New User

Within the User Management menu, adding a new employee is a seamless process through option 1, labeled as 'Set User'. Upon selecting this option, you will be prompted to input an ID for the new employee, ensuring it matches with the ID you gave them in the software. 

Next, provide the employee's name and proceed to choose the preferred clock-in method. For instance, if you opt for option 1, 'Face', the employee will need to scan their face to log in. Please note if scanning their face, make sure they are stood in front of the terminal before you click face so you don't confuse templates by scanning your face in partially. 

After selecting the log-in method, it's time to determine the User Privilege. If the user's role is solely to log their attendance, simply select option 2, 'Attendance'.

Modifying an Existing User

In the User Management menu, you have the flexibility to modify any user by choosing option 2, 'Modify User'. This selection prompts you to enter the existing user ID for the desired modifications. Once entered, you will be presented with the same set of menus available in the 'Set User' option, allowing you to make the necessary changes to the user's details.

Deleting A User

When it comes to deleting users, you have two distinct options at your disposal. The first option enables you to delete individual users. Simply select option 3, 'Delete User', which prompts you to provide the user ID for deletion.

To remove all employees, you can choose option 4, 'Delete All Users', which allows you to wipe out all employees from the clock. It's important to note that upon selecting this option, a message will appear emphasizing the irreversibility of the action, indicating that the deletion is permanent and cannot be recovered.

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