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A common issue within BioTime/TotalTime when using a CS100 is an issue in which employee clockings are not coming through over the network. This is noticeable when you collect the data over the network and the employee records are blank, even if it appears to have worked correctly.

There can be a few causes for this and within this article we will go through each of the causes that can be diagnosed and solved from your side if you find it quicker to do so. Currently not all reasons are documented but we will update the document over time.


FRD Service not running/Needs Restarting

The most common cause of the issue is that the FRD Service has stopped running or simply needs a restart.

FRD is our comms software which essentially communicates with the clocking terminal over the network to retrieve the data outputted by the clock and stores it in a location for the software to then read and convert into an interpretable format to be viewed by the user within the software.

FRD runs as a windows service and a lot of the time it may appear to be running but has fallen over in the background.

The following steps will show you how to access the Windows Services, and restart the FRD service. 

You will need admin credentials for your computer/network to carry out these steps, if you do not have these, please have your IT or someone in the building who knows these credentials type them in for you.

Firstly, press the Windows button on the bottom left of your Windows taskbar.

Then, once the Windows button has been pressed, proceed to type 'services'. Click the option highlighted below when it appears.

If you are a local admin on the machine, you will not need to enter any credentials. Otherwise, you will then be prompted to enter admin credentials to open services with the access to stop/restart them.

After successfully running services as admin, you will be greeted with the following screen.

You will then need to navigate this list, in order to find a service called 'FRD Windows Service'. (See below)

Once selected, depending on the state of service, you will either have the option to start the service, or Stop/Restart the service.

If it says 'Start', click start. If it says 'Stop' and 'Restart', click restart.

Once done, attempt a clocking on the Clocking Machine and wait approximately 5 minutes and try to collect the data.
If it is still not coming through to the software like it usually does contact the support desk for further help.

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