Employee Timesheets in InfoTime

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This document will outline the tool which can be used within InfoTime to view, amend, add and delete employee clockings.

Employee Timesheets

To access the Employee Timesheets, select Timesheets - View Employee Timesheet on the toolbar at the top of the InfoTime screen.  As shown in the screenshot below.

The Employee Timesheet screen will load. 

You're able to use these different filters to search based on a specific set of criteria that you are looking for. E.g. you can look for clocking information on a certain employee or information for a specific pay period, ensure that you have your Working Rule set and then click Search - your page will refresh and you will see the employees timesheet, similar to the screenshot below.

On the timesheet an entry will be made for each day of the Pay Period. In this entry you will see the Expected Shift, the Clockings, any warnings, any paid breaks and then the total hours worked split into the different time categories.

By default the clockings shown are the rounded clockings, it is possible to show the actual clockings made by the employee. At the top of the timesheet is a View Criteria section

Clicking on the Actual Clockings will show you the time that is being used to calculate the rounded clocking.
Actual clockings are clock times before any processing, and rounded clockings is after processing.

Original Clockings can be viewed by clicking edit on any date, which are clockings that actually came from a source such as mobile or clocking machines before any changes have been made.

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