What is CSComms?

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As part of our on-going project to improve the entirety of Clocking Systems LTD as a provider of Time and Attendance solutions we had recently released newer and improved terminals. These terminals implemented feedback we often received from users such as having the ability to connect to the WiFi as it's more convenient than physically wiring Clocking Machines into the power, or having more flexibility of where the terminal can be installed.

A by product of releasing these Clocking Machines made us have to develop a new Communication Software for your Time and Attendance software solutions to be able to communicate with our newer models.

What Functionality does CSComms Provide?

CSComms is designed solely for communicating with your terminals. If an employee clocks in or out, CSComms is responsible for getting this data into your software as easily as possible.

In addition, CSComms includes some extra functionality not built into our software solutions. For example, it allows you to set the time on the clocking machines, so no effort is required on your part when DST arrives.

What is long term goal of CSComms?

CSComms aims to replace our current communication software offerings, such as STComms and FRD, with a more optimized and functional communication service. While FRD and STComms are effective, we believe we can improve and optimize them further. By building CSComms from a blank slate using newer technology, we can create a better communication service than our previous offerings.

One common issue we have encountered is that a Clocking Machine may accidentally be left on DHCP. When setting up FRD, for example, users point it to connect to an IP address. If the device is on DHCP and doesn't have a reservation, the IP can change over time. CSComms will soon address this issue by saving the MAC address of the machine after the first connection. If a connection cannot be established to the terminal in the future, CSComms will search your network for the MAC address and re-link it to its new IP.

This is just one example of how CSComms can provide a better service to our users and allow our support staff to focus on more pressing issues that you may face.

Our software solutions aim to save you time and money, and make your payroll process more efficient. Thousands of users have used our solutions and achieved the expected outcomes. However, with the goal of our solutions in mind, we should also focus on making other areas of our offerings more efficient to further save you time.

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