How to Return Your Clocking Machine for Repair

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When a clocking machine malfunctions or requires repair, it's essential to follow the proper steps to ensure a smooth and efficient repair process. This Knowledge Base article will guide you through the process of returning your clocking machine for repair, including how to contact support staff, identifying warranty coverage, and preparing your machine for shipment.

Please note that we follow a return-to-base policy for clocking machines with faults. This means that any malfunctioning clocking machine will need to be returned to us for repair. Onsite repair may not always be feasible as sometimes specialist diagnostic equipment or tools are required that can only be used in our workshops.


1. Contact Support Staff

Before returning your clocking machine, you must first contact our support staff through our ticket system. This is crucial as the machine may not need to be returned, and our hardware department requires a log of the issue to properly diagnose and repair the clocking machine when it arrives.

2. Determine Warranty and Hardware Support Coverage

All clocking machines come with a 12-month warranty that includes Hardware Support. Repairs are free if your machine is still under warranty and the damage is due to a malfunction rather than water damage or physical damage caused by misuse. If your machine is not covered by Hardware Support, we will diagnose the issue and inform you of the repair cost before proceeding.

3. Obtain Return Documentation

Once you have communicated with a support representative, they will provide you with a document to print out and include in the package. This document contains crucial information for our hardware staff to identify and address the issues with your clocking machine.

4. Package the Clocking Machine

Carefully package your clocking machine, ensuring that it is well-protected during transit. Include the printed document provided by the support representative inside the package. Please include all components of your clocking machine, including the Power Supply. If the issue happens to be due to a faulty power supply, we can't diagnose that unless we receive it. The only exception is if your clocking in machine has a key, in that case please hang on to that. Keys can get misplaced.

5. Ship the Clocking Machine

Send the packaged clocking machine with the returns document to the following address:

Clocking Systems,

201 Broadgate Lane,


Leeds LS18 5BS

6. Repair Turnaround Time

Our hardware team aims to repair and return terminals within 2 working days of receiving them, barring exceptional circumstances that may delay the process. You will receive the clocking machine back with notes on what was repaired.

7. Obtaining Hardware Support for Uncovered Machines

If your clocking machine is not covered by Hardware Support, you may choose to have it serviced and repaired at your expense. Once the machine has been serviced and repaired, you can then purchase Hardware Support to ensure coverage for future incidents.

By following these steps, you can efficiently return your clocking machine for repair and minimize any disruptions to your business operations.

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