Creating a Shift Pattern

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The Schedule Planner is where an employee’s shift start and finish times can be entered. This can be used to schedule employees to start and finish at different times each time they work, or you can build a rota into the system that repeats after a set time period i.e. a shift pattern. The Scheduled start and finish time is what InfoTime uses to generate the employee warnings for late arrival and early departure. InfoTime will also calculate the amount of hours this totals to (including any break deductions) for Overtime Calculations.


Finding the Schedule Planner

To access the Schedule planner go to Timesheet > Schedule Planner , see below.

Showing the employees

To get started, you need to choose the date range for which you want to view the employee roster. You can set the date range to cover any length of time that you require. For instance, if you are creating a roster for the current week, you can select this week as the date range. If you are creating a pattern that repeats every three weeks, you can set the date range to show the three weeks. It is recommended that you set the From Date to the first day of the pattern and the To Date to the last day of the pattern. Also, remember to include the days off as part of the shift pattern. For example, if your employee works Monday to Friday, you need to include all seven days up to Sunday.

Furthermore, you can set filters to only show employees in a specific Department or Company, etc. Once you have set the necessary criteria, click the Search button.

Creating a Shift

To create a shift pattern, right-click on the day that you want to create it for and select "Add Main Shift." A window will pop up, allowing you to fill in the start and finish times for the shift. If you have set up breaks in your working rule and selected the option "Is Scheduled," you can add them here as well. If you want the same shift pattern for multiple days of the week, you can right-click on the pattern you created and select "Copy Pattern," then right-click on the days you want to apply it to and select "Paste Pattern." However, keep in mind that if your employees have different shifts on different days, you will need to create separate shift patterns for each one.

Saving a pattern

Once you have filled in the week you can then save this pattern to be used continuously and to be used for other employees. To save the pattern click and drag along the whole week including the days off and then right click and "Save Pattern" then enter a name when prompted to.

Applying a Pattern

To apply the shift pattern to the next week for the employee you have created the pattern on, browse to the next week and you will see the week is blank. Right-click on the start of the working week and select "Apply Pattern". You will then be given the option to apply the pattern you have just saved. This will open a window where you can enter a start date and an end date. If you leave the end date blank, the pattern will run continuously. Please note earlier on we selected the 2 days off. If they are working Monday-Friday the start of the work week or pattern would be Monday, so you need to make sure you apply this to a Monday.

Removing a Pattern

To remove applied patterns simply click the Globe and Paper Icon near the name of the employee and then the X button on the pattern you wish to remove.

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